Novels Are A Part Of Literature #92


Book readers will have their own choice of fascinating categories like novels, fictions, biographies and so on. Whereas those who love novels are those people who love imaginations. Because, whenever they read novels, they do their own cast and they will be the art director deciding the environment. 

I am not going to talk about those novel readers nor this post. All i am going to focus on is the fact that novels are categorised under literature in Tamil Literature and why?

Tamil literature, “Ilakkiyam”, is defined as the writings that are written with an objective of spreading knowledge to the future generations. Ancient Tamilians had a practice of re publishing the literature after some 100 years in order to preserve the resources, which tells us why Tamil Literatuer-“Ilakkiyam” gets its name.

But why Novels too are categorised under Literature in Tamil? Why?

In Tamil, novels are too written not in order to showcase their writing talents, but to spread knowledge about how to write..!! That is why they are added to the category of Literature..And there are many reasons why novels are also a part of Literature if you google it.


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