What I Spoke #91

Hi Guys and Gals, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007

You and I, we all are blogging for some reason, for sure. Some blog for passion, others blog to show up their writing skills, others blog to showcase their products (like Restaurants, hotels), some blog to share what they know, some blog to share their personal experiences and the list goes on. But, mostly people write because of passion. And I am a kind of that. I blog as it my passion to share what does matters to me. 

Let’s come to the topic:

What I spoke:

In Engineering I have a course- “Professional Communication” which is aimed to enhance our professional communication, as we engineers has to survive in a big deal in the modern world. During the lecture hours, my professor told me to come to the dais and speak for some five minutes about whatever we like to share. So I chose to speak of blogging.

What I spoke?

I spoke about the goodness and advantages of blogging. For your kind information, I have no blogger in my classroom and also in my friends. So what I spoke?

1. You can enrich your vocabulary. Yes actually, I enriched my vocabulary and I accept that. Once while blogging about a special feature of Telegram, a messaging application, Jose Manuel– DotDos.Net mentioned in his comment the word- “Soliloquy” which means “Speech you make to yourself” which is a strange word and one which exactly explains the condition in single word (which I was explaining in lengthy sentences).

2. I made new friends. Wow. New friends abroad. Puneet from WritersBlog, Miss Emma from CurlyGirlAbroad, Tanya from ScribleDreams and Falak Irfan from MissTalkaholic and the list goes on. I contact Falak in Facebook, chat with her if I need help when she could give me a solution. She accepted my friend request after a long chat. Twitter became a platform for me to contact Tanya, my tweeting blogger friend. Puneet do shares his personal experiences over facebook, will give advises over blogging and love relationships.  And at last, here comes Miss Emma, a special one, whom is a very good friend I got over facebook late at night, as because it will be night here when it is eve there, when she will be free. We talk about Indian culture, India, travelling, her interests, I taught her how to say “welcome” in my native language “TAMIL”. While typing these above lines, really I feel so relaxed and excited.

3. Additional credits to my Resume. This is because constant blogging makes my recruiters to know that I value my interests, that beyond academics I value something and I am not one who concentrates only on Academics.
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