Telling Lies #89

Hi Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. Let us switch to the topic:

Telling Lies:

How many of you here had experiences telling lies???

I think I shouldn’t have asked this question to you all. Because we all surely tell lies, more or less at least once in our life. It depends on the situation. Doctors do lie to their patient who will survive no more than hours or a day. Parents lie to their children promising them they would buy chocolates if they complete their home works on time. These according to me aren’t lies, because they are not about to hurt others and those lies will never count up to the sins of lying.

I’ll tell you my story that when I started telling lies. I used to get new friends periodically and only a few stay with me. In this journey of making new friends, some stay with me, only a feeble. They don’t change me mentally. But only those who leave me or those whom I leave change me a lot. I can say that fake people make me lie to them. Actually I lie to them, even if there is no need to hide things to them, I hide things. I lie to them, which makes me feel uncomfortable around them. You might think that if one is uncomfortable around some people, why not you leave them? It might sound simple, but it is not. Even leaving fake people make us feel guilty. Instead leaving those, saying good bye to them, our mind says to maintain friendship with them with fake smiles and lies. That’s how I started telling lies. And after lying to someone, I feel so stressed that I am no more true to them. At the same time, when I think of them, all my guiltiness flies away and I become normal.

If you feel hard to get the meaning of the above paragraph, congrats you are in a pre mature state and you will learn things soon. And one day you will surely recall this post, when you learn things.




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