They Say Something #88

Hi gals and guys, this is Lesley from Madurai, India. This blog post is all about the terrible dreams I had and their aftermath. I am blogging after a long time, so I assure you that I won’t disappoint you.

As I mentioned earlier in my previous blog posts, I have/had terrible dreams frequently and I have a habbit of writing these dreams in the “Dream Book“, recently I dreamt like losing my MOTO G3 to someone or someone stole it from me and I was rushing up to all the places I thought I could have missed it there but all in vain.

After this, I woke up and checked whether my mobile is there in its place, then again I went to sleep. 

This is not the first time for me getting terrible dreams. Before this I dreamt losing my mom in an accident. But what is the relation between this dream and that dream?

Yes there is a relation.

When I dreamt losing my mom, I found the aftermath, that is after the dream, was so motivating and I was completely focusing on my studies, doing my works with perfection. I found myself being triggered towards success.

    So what I conclude is you can be how you want you to be when you get terrible dreams. Let’s hope the aftermath of this dream will also drive me motivated towards my goals.




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