Physical Memories #86

                Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. This post is all about memories and recollecting them. The reason why I named this post-“Physical Memories” will be explained at the end.

                    Everyone love to recollect their memories they have in their stack of memory waiting for some bloody mouths to ask “Will you share your memories with us??” and as soon as these key words are spelled, the stack of memory will start to overflow with loads of memories. We love to recollect our memories from our childhood, remarkable incidents, and fights with our friends, our neighbors, the wounds we made and still be there in your physical body and so on. Especially parents and grandparents will be very happy to share their memories with others as they hardly get people to share with. 

              Parents do sketch their memories exactly as what happened and make us travel in their memories as how they show in the movies. They explain each and everything in detail which is quite annoying for those piteous children they bought to the world, because they will be listening to it at least some three times.

                      I and my sister use to listen to my dad’s childhood memories with our palms supporting the cheeks and even recollecting those memories listening to my dad’s childhood too is awesome. And it is quite worth saying “WOW” to my dad’s memories. He explains it in such a way.

                        But that is not the same case with my Mom. She does recollect memories, she keeps on describing, describing her memories and never let us ask a single question saying that she might lose somewhere. And she describes as like none other than her could have made such beautiful memories and often tells me and my sister that we aren’t that much lucky as she was. We use to laugh at her….!!!

                 The thing is people love to listen only to stories and not screenplays. Once someone narrates their memories, we automatically start to make our own cast and art in our mind where we will be the director. If someone narrates their memory like a hurry-burry story with all detailed information about the lizards and cockroaches at the corners of the home explaining each silly unwanted aspects in their memory, surely none’s gonna lend ears to them. 

This is why Paulo Coelho refuses to provide movie rights to his books as movies don’t let people to make their own cast as how they make their own cast while reading.

I started writing this post about the things I collected from my friends in a sense of memory, but somehow it lost its path. I am sure I blog about it in the very next post. Stay tuned!!





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