What I Learnt- Experience Sharing Post #83

Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. This blog post is about my personal experience winning first prize in a technical symposium.

      —–ACCET Entrance—–

I and my friend Faiz Mohammed Ali were planning to participate in the technical symposium in ACCET, Karaikudi in Tamilnadu. I chose that college as because my friends are studying there. So that I can meet my friends and at the same time I can participate in competitions too.

                   Selfie with new friends

I had a fear that whether we win the competitions or not, because we weren’t that much confident and we feared that there will be a heavy competition for us. Once we both arrived at the city, we got the confidence to win. Something from our inner soul made us feel confident to face the competition and as I had friends there, they introduced me to their teaching faculty and they cheered us to participate in all the competitions. We did, we won cash prizes. And now I am here sharing my success experiences with you.

So, what I learnt from this is that: Whether you are prepared are not, go participate, show that you are there to compete, let them know there are people like you to fight with them. That is what we did.

And additionally, I like to say something. I went to that technical symposium just because I had my friends admitted there. But after that, now I have more friends there now, to enjoy with, to accompany, and to share something, to have fun with, to make life meaningful, and to define what actual friendship is. Yes we can make new friends. I met many new friends there and one such friend invited me for their family wedding function. Wow!!!!! Before the day of symposium, I didn’t know him, but now I have been invited for a wedding function. How pretty it is to hear??

So, go participate. It can benefit you in many ways. All the very best.




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