Say Wow at these Houses #84

Hi Guys and Gals, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. This blog post is all about the world popular Karaikudi Houses. Sorry for blogging such a large article of some 680 words. But I am sure you would be excited to read this post. I guarantee excitement.

As I said earlier in my previos blog post that I participated in a symposium in Karaikudi, I got new friends. One such friend took me to his house and I am going to share my experiences visiting the house.

It looks something like this. I went to his house evening by 8 o clock.

Those houses say more about the history and the lifestyle of the people, how they lived, what are all the values of relationships, families, children etc.

Attributes of the Houses:

They all have a opening at the centre of the house. So, whenever it rains, the water comes inside the house and it is pretty awesome to have rain inside the house, enjoying them with the family with some spicy food in the mouth!! Wow!!!!!! It made tears in my eyes when my friend explained me all these things with excitement.
They all a number of individual rooms equal to the number of children in the house, so that whenever there is a family function, there will be sufficient rooms to share with the relatives. So think about the importance how far Tamilians valued the presence of blood relations in a family.

My friend explained that the house was built in 1902!! Still the house was standing there as a remark of all those childhood memories they made, the fights they made with the siblings, cousins at each corner of the house, the games they played with their friends. Each corner, each brick, each pillar has its own story to be revealed by. They remain the memory blocks of those family members.

I said the house was built in 1902. Still there is no water leakage ever, not even a single crack in the walls, no dust in the corners of the ceilings. Yes they are young.

the room key

I went inside a room in that house and had a view through the entire room, where I saw black and white images of the sons and daughters being stick on the wall. They carry the memories of their childhood……..

They had a reception hall at the middle of the house, where family functions will be held and I saw old wooden furniture being kept on one side and the other side was empty and clean. I asked them why and they explained that if a family member or their relative dies, their dead body will be taken to this empty place and everyone will mourn for the person and then the dead body will be taken to the graveyard. Whether it is a happy moment or a sorrowful moment, it should happen from this place. That’s why we keep this side empty, they explained.

“This house was built by the grandmother-‘Alamelu aachi’. She built this house all alone from the money her three sons had sent her for her living from Burma, in which the grandma had built this huge house saving money penny by penny. All these pillars were made of Burma Teak Wood. A single man cannot surround this pillar with his hands. All my 19 children try to catch this pillar with their hands in their childhood.”

– the old man continued explaining his words, which he thought that should not go unnoticed, to be shared to the next generation. I nodded my head as a sign of accepting his words, respecting elders.

We can go on explaining about this kind of houses. Cause there is lot more to share about these houses. Architects from all over the world are wondering how they built these kinds of houses in the past with no technology and with such perfection and they all wonder about the building plan of these houses.

If you guys got a chance to visit Karaikudi, I personally request you all to visit such beautiful houses at least once in your life time.




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