Dream Diary #82

​         Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. In this post, I write about my habit of writing my dreams, nightmares in my “Dream Diary.”

Recently I read a post on ScribleDreams.com –“So I write letters to myself” in which Tanya shares her act of writing letters to herself which was quite interesting. So here I share my one such interesting habit:




I have a habit of noting down my dreams, nightmares in a separate diary. Whatever I do that last night, I never forgot to take my diary and a pen along with me to bed. I even have/had many dreams in the same night with no relevance to each other. I had nightmares, interesting, and lovable dreams and even I dreamt my lovable dear mom dying. And I shared those painful emotions in my blog post Dream Mother Love. I usually don’t have the habit of writing my dreams in note. But I started writing them so that I could write a fantasy from my dreams or a novel from the collapse of my dreams or even a beautiful screenplay and making it a short film..!!

No matter they are short or long, I spend more time describing it or even sketching the exact visual in words, so that I remember whenever I read them again.

If you have such interesting habit, comment it or write a blog post and link this post to that, so that I get to know that.




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  1. I get some of the weirdest dreams possible. And then I wake up and forget them. And some of them could have been such good story ideas. So I have started writing short descriptions of my dreams on the notes app on my phone whenever I have an interesting one.

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