Students’ Protests #80

        ​Hi Gals and Guys, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007. Hope you liked my previous posts. This post is all about the students’ Protest against Supreme Court’s ban on Jallikattu and how students we got our victory.

Short Description about “Jallikattu”:

Jallikattu is a traditional sport in Tamilnadu being celebrated by Tamilians. It is a sport involving bulls, especially Country breeds, where bulls are free to run through a gate and players will be waiting ready to grab the hump of the bull and those who successfully manage themselves grabbing the hump of the bull for about 50 meters will be announced the winner. 

Not just a sport:

This is not just a sport in Tamilnadu. Tamilians had a practice that those who win in Jallikattu alone will be eligible to marry their daughters. So have a conclusion that how much people loved this sport. In Tamilnadu there are many houses with the cemetery of their bulls in their front portion. This clearly explains how much they loved the bulls. We treat our bulls as one of their children and even they have names for them like their sons or daughters.

In 2014, PETA India filed a case in Supreme Court claiming ban for Jallikattu as bulls are being hurt in the sport.  There started all these problems.

Now in January 2017, students of Tamilnadu and tamilians all over the world protested in order to cancel the ban on Jallikattu. You can search in Google for more information about this protest- “2017 pro Jallikattu protests.” 

Students from all districts in Tamilnadu had a common place to protest in each city and the protest continued for about 6 days. Youngsters we stayed there all day and night in the roads to amend PCA- an act that enables to conduct Jallikattu. To be noted is that the Student protesters had no leader for them, no leader to guide them. We gather at the place and there will be groups of youngsters, we join them, protest with them and all. They all gathered for the only reason they are “Tamilians” and “Jallikattu” is their traditional sport. In Chennai, the whole stretch of marina beach was filled with protesters. To be noted, Marina is the second longest beach in the world..!!

A tribute to “Aadhi”:

And above all, all these protests started or the issue got its importance only after the entry of music director/actor “Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi” in the “Jallikattu” Ban issue. He was the first to take this issue on his hands. He gathered all information about the ban, who are all involved in the ban, what is needed to overcome the ban and he was the one who made the media to cover news on this issue very seriously. He also made a Musical Video on this issue, with the reason why the sport has been banned.




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