Age Doesn’t matter in love #79

Hi guys and gals, this is Lesley. So this post is all about the Love I saw in a aged couple, who proved Love is ageless.

As I said earlier in my previous blog posts, I used to go to college by City bus. I was returning to home from College that day (23.01.2017), I was waiting for buses to my area. Hardly, no bus arrived at the Terminal. At last a bus came, which heads towards “Nattham”- a village. The travel in that bus became today’s blog post..!!

As we students were protesting against the Government for about a week in order to cancel the ban on Jallikattu ( It is a cultural Sport of Tamilnadu, where players have to grab the hump of the bull that rushes out of the opening, and those who travel on the bull grabbing its hump for 50 meters will be announced the winner), we have to “Merry go round the whole city.. Whole City…” We have to take the longest route possible.

The bus to “Nattham” the village, will always be fully loaded at the bus terminal itself. So I  never opted to go by the bus. As I had no other option, I chose the bus. 

The Scenario begins here:

         I had no seat to sit, so I travelled standing all the way. Near to me was standing a 60 years old man and his wife being seated. The old man had no seat to sit, he also travelled standing. I couldn’t imagine whether I can travel standing in my 60’s in such a crowd. 

After a while, his wife called him to sit in her seat, but he refused to sit as his wife would suffer pain standing. But his wife didn’t wanted his man standing, so they both shared their seat- they somewhat managed to sit together in a seat. But they struggled to sit together for long time. 

What they did- wife stands for five minutes and then her husband stands for five minutes. What a love..!!

I was amazed to see that..!! Suppose after my marriage, if I face a situation like this, Even if I stand for a long time, it is doubtful that my wife travels standing for me…!!

It proved that age Doesn’t matter in love !!




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