How I Want My Parents To Be #76

          ​This post is all about the attitude of today’s parents, how they grow their children, the way they teach every aspect of life to their children. And also this post tells about how every parent should be:

What is the case with me?

I had my parents being so good guiding the way I have to move on, they taught me the way I have to eat, the way I have to speak, the way I have to wash my face and so on. They taught me to be mature in my childhood days instead of being childish. My parents forced me to eat with one hand- the right hand, as left means wrong..!! They had tended to hold my hands in many ways. They wanted me as a man instead of a child in my childhood days. They wanted me as a role-model for men instead of children. 

But I have never lent my ears to their advice. Never..!! I used to be the way I am always.

I never eat food the way they taught me. They tell me to bend my head while washing as water will spill over my shirts. Now I understand that, but failed to understand it in my childhood. They tell me to smile a little when someone strange speaks to me. But I do show them the length and breadth of my mouth smiling. 

But now…

I use to eat chappati and dosa in one hand. I automatically bend down my hand while washing. I now know the way how to interact with strange people. Now I am a man. Yes I have become a man in my manhood-that is in the correct period..!!

This is what I expect from my parents. I want my parents letting me know everything by myself. Everyone desires to learn by themselves. But why every parent wants their children to be a man even at the childhood?? This is because they value the society’s view over their children. Every parent has the fear that this society could stamp mark their child as immature, mentally sick one if they let their child be childish. One can be a child only in the childhood.  This society does not want one to be oneself. The society raises its hand over others by various polished terms like culture, tradition, behavior and many smooth surfaced words. They even raise examples like, “Bhagat Singh fought for freedom in his Teen age”, “They started earning in their childhood!!!”. This has to be abolished. 

Let us work on it..!!




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  1. May be they want to see us as a perfect example. But I think we want to set our own examples and goals. They guide us but apparently we have to learn on our own and at correct time. Everyone suitation is different as there is nothing in common with my parents my dad usually say never let your childhood go off your life, keep its traces alive forever.

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