The Power Cut #75

​Hi Guys and Gals…
           It’s all about a warm and a pleasant day. I woke up earlier in the morning @ 9 AM. When I just woke up, the current supply was cut off. How shocking it will be for you when you don’t have enough charge in your phone and you have to manage the whole day with 33% and also you are in your semester holidays???

            As I am in my semester holidays, I have to spend the whole day with no pre-set chores. 

    What I did to survive? Let me share my experience with you how to survive such a weird situation:

I restricted myself not to use my MOTO G3 for the whole day as I need at least 20% battery to contact anyone. That’s the reason. Something stuck in my mind. I have books. I love reading. OMG! Those two facts just crossed over my brain-screen. Yahoo!! I collected all the general books I have around my room and started reading them for the whole day. 

I have a habit of taking notes while reading. So it was a great day for me. And I thought “wow. This life would be so good if it continues the next day also. Uh. We have been missing this life all because of the smartphone…!!!

This was the scenario for all the 6 hours. Afterwards????

By 3:30, the current supply was provided. When the wings of the fan just started spinning, I rushed to the power socket with my MOTO G3 and plugged it for charging and switched on the tv and started “enjoying the digital” and I said to myself: 

“Can’t even imagine a life without electricity. Holy shit!!”




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