I Was Right #73

​             Hi Guys and Gals. This post will be proof for my theory on Love @First Sight.

Theory:  Love at first sight is not because of the external beauty and attraction, it is all because of the nature- it is pre-set that we will meet someone, someday and we will fall in love with him/her. 

       I had been in search of proofs for my theory in many psychological books, but in Vain. So I stopped searching for proofs. Fortunately God has provided me a proof now. But now I have got a proof when I was reading a book on “Tamilians in the period of Tholkaapiar.” 


In that book, it explained a term called, “Oolvinai”, which means the happenings in the current life because of our past life. In brief:

There have been only love marriages in ancient Tamilnadu. And also they had a belief that ” as because it is written, as because it is predetermined, as because of one’s past life- good deeds, one will meet someone of opposite sex, someday and will fall in love with him/her.

So, if someone tells you that Love at first sight is all just lust and attraction, let him/her know this proof. Yes my theory is true. That is I am true. 




13 thoughts on “I Was Right #73

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  1. Love at first sight; I personally don’t believe not only in first sight, I don’t believe this 4 letter word itself. As nothing become real till it is experienced, haha. Great read but have you personally experienced this?

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    1. Yeah miss. I tell you something, if you believe one falls in love with a girl/boy only because of external appearance and attraction, then everyone must have fallen in love with the girl/boy..So this is also a reason and I have many personal experiences, like as in my post:


      You said you don’t believe in love. I say you will one day come to believe that, and I hope it happens soon, and you must notify me if it happens.

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