Confusion Culture III #74

​         Hi Guys and Gals. Once again, a post cursing our ancient culture. So, I request you to spend some two minutes to read this and wherever you are in this world, just spill over the culture, not outside.

It is purely a India based post.

In India, consider a husband and his wife:

If the wife dies first, then the husband is called a “Thabuthaaran (in Tamilnadu)”. But there is no compulsion to be unmarried for the rest of his life. He can marry some other woman.


If the husband dies first, then the wife has to immolate herself on her husband’s pyre (pyre- heap of wood burning the dead body). That is the wife has to leap over the burning dead body. Or she had to commit suicide immediately after her husband’s death. Or she can live the life of a saint meditating for the rest of her life. To be noted, she cannot re-marry some other person. Those women-saints are called “Thaapathi”.

Is this the “Golden Culture” you all are praising and wanting it to be sustained in India?

Let’s think different..

To the men/boys/husbands: Will you immolate yourself over your dead wife’s pyre? Just think how it will be to leap over a burning body?

So let’s think different. It’s a modern era. We need not want to respect our culture, we just want you to respect your mother tongue. That’s it.

Loving ,



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