Tribute to Mr.Mariappan #71

​Hello everyone, this post is a small tribute to Mr.Mariappan. I know it is too late. Sorry.

                   Mr.Mariappan Thangavelu is a physically challenged sportsperson who won gold medal in the 2016 Rio-Paralympics. Why this has to be celebrated now?? What is there so special?? There are many winning Gold medals in Paralympics. So, MyChronicles007 is going to justify its view why this event has to be celebrated??

Let’s move on:

       There are many physically challenged sportspersons all around the world and they are winning gold medals. But Mr. Mariappan Thangavelu is from India. So let us have a perspective as an Indian. In India, the first Census after independence was taken in 1951 and then on 1961, 1971. In these Census Calculation Physically challenged people was not included. Then they were included in 1981 census. Then in the subsequent years they were not included. After “20 years” they were included in the census calculation. So, the schemes and plans for physically challenged will also be correspondingly delayed. Think about the needs of a physically challenged sportsperson to engage in sports, to prepare for Olympics and think about the “support” from the side of Government. They were included in Census from the 2001 Census.

And also the equipments of Mariappan were too basic and they cannot compete with other Paralympics players. The confidence level of Mariappan thangavelu and also his mental strength was something that has to be celebrated. 

Let us Celebrate his Struggle, because the world only Celebrates the victory of Cricket teams, Football teams and those highly celebrated sports and those having separate channels for them.  




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