Confusion Culture #72

          ​Hi Guys this is Livingstone. I think I have been confusing you all. I just now saw that I was starting a blog post by saying, “this is Livingstone” and ending “Loving Lesley.” My name is Lesley Livingstone.

              Let’s stick on to the topic- second post in the series: “Confusion Culture” …

         Every Indian will definitely be facing or had faced or will face a thing like this: “This is not our culture”. Indians are very curious about their Culture and traditions. And it is a healthy one.  But the term has been used wrongly where it doesn’t suit or the term “Culture” will be misused. So the issue now I have taken is about the sexual relationships before Marriage in India. That is the “Virginity” of an individual. Every Human values it. Of course we have to. So, I need to tell you something interesting that is gonna shock you. Its Tamilnadu based.

         Tamilians and Tamilnadu are always respectful towards our tradition and culture and our Language.  We love the sweetness of Tamil.  They say that it is not our culture having sexual relationships before marriage-whether it is with the person he/she is about to marry or with someone else is not the matter here (that’s different), but the sexual relationship.

           But I like to say something that it is our Tamil Culture that once practiced sexual relationship before marriage. They call it as “Kalavu Kalam”- Having Sexual Relationship before marriage. After this, they will proceed according to tradition of marriage. This has been captured clearly in “Aganaanooru”, a great work in Tamil literature, which talks about the relationships between couples, lovers, husband and wives, how they lived, how the pain of separation of two killed the both, all these things were clearly sketched in “Aganaanooru.”

       So this is the Culture. Will the present Society allow us to go by the way of our ancient culture and tradition??  Let’s Think..




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