The Joy In A Suffering And A Request #69


              ​It’s a post about what happened yesterday evening (5th Dec, 2016).

        5th Dec is really a nice day for me, but not for Tamilnadu as because it had its Chief Minister getting a Cardiac Arrest and also in the evening there has been rumors in TN that CM was dead. Many celebrities started tweeting #RIPAMMA. 

The story begins here:

           I was in the Bus stand waiting for the buses. After some 20 minutes wasted there simply waiting, they announced buses will not function now. OMG !!! So I have to take a bus and then have to walk all along 8 KM from the Bus Stand. God permitted these tragedies in my life, but with a reason. Yes I had my best Friend Munis Eswar, the Don with me. We walked with a great joy, teasing each other, kidding, laughing at the other, having hot puffs, drinking coke, asking lift in vehicles and a lot to say, but have no words to express the experience, the joy we experienced. It was really awesome. We spoke about philosophy too. 

Besides, what is the reason for all the joy we had?

The Media. They passed a wrong information that our Chief Minister died of Cardiac Arrest. That was the reason for all these happenings- no transport facilities, no share autos, no cabs, no shops, no restaurants, no coffee/tea shops and above all we have to walk for 8 KM. 

It is a kind request to media not to pass wrong/unofficial information. See how people suffer. How the police force has been urged to protect city from protests. How they will be suffering from no food. Think twice before what you say. The world is watching you, Media.




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