Confusion Taj Mahal #67

Hi guys and gals, this is Lesley from MyChronicles007.

Mysteries Over Taj Mahal:

There are many mysteries around the world wonder Taj Mahal. That there has been a great debate over the thing that it is not a Islamic mausoleum built by King Shah Jahan in his period. Here starts the confusion.

Mr. Oak is saying it is an ancient Shiva Temple and it is not even a Tomb. Many of his documents reveal this truth. And also most important is that a laboratory test confirms that the door that has been subjected to carbon dating resulted that the door was 300 years older than Shah Jahan. I don’t want to say more about this, because you can find more details in Google. Google now.

You might think all these are just myths. The fact that Taj Mahal is a shiva temple becomes more stronger when we go through the documents stating Central Govt denies permission to examine Taj Mahal and also the Court also writes off many cases claiming Taj Mahal is a shiv temple.

Why is it so? Remember it is India.  There are many evidences claiming Taj Mahal is a hindu temple, like Taj Mahal is facing south, as mausoleum has to face west, “OM” in Taj Mahal, Octagonal pillars and many. If it is true, what troubles them in accepting that? What if Taj becomes a Hindu Monument? Why it should not be a Hindu Temple? Let the mysteries and confusion continue.

Not only this issue, many issues are there where India has been maintaining silence.  Let’s change the world.




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