Lessons from Mother Teresa #65

Hi guys and gals. This is Livingstone from India. So this post is a small contribution to Mother Teresa. I am just gonna share the lessons she taught me. Here they go:

1. Be Yourself

2. Love and Love only.

Let us discuss deep:

1.B e yourself:

This is an interesting subject. When at first Teresa entered into India, everyone thought she came to India to spread Christianity by the name of helping the poor. They ignore her at first. Time passed by. After her death, newspapers published, “Mother” Teresa died. If she had listened to what others are talking about her at back, she would have lost her path- helping others.

A lesson I learned from this is: If a dog barks at you, throw a stone at it. If a group of dogs bark at you, keep biscuits to them. 

2. Love and Love only.

Once a cricketer desired to help Teresa by funding her charity. He came to meet Teresa and gave her money. But she refused to take that money. Rather she asked him to spend time with the patients who are in need of love and care only. This is what the exact scenario in many houses. Even I have my grandpa as a good example. 

My grandpa’s close relatives are paying Money to my uncle who is taking care of my Grandpa, so that others couldn’t blame them for not taking care of grandpa in his last few days. I am sure that my uncle Jayakumar will be blessed for showing care and love over my Grandpa. What about the relatives paying money to my uncle to take care of grandpa? I don’t know. This is what the cricketer intended to do. !! My uncle is doing what Teresa did. 

So, Always be admired of Teresa. 




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