Novels into Movies- A one-man Overview #64

   Hi guys and gals this is Livingstone from Tamilnadu, India. Let’s stick on to the post:

               Movie directors all over the world have a desire to produce movies from popular novels. We have “Harry Potter series”, “Twilight Series”. In India, we have “Two states”, “Life of Pie”, “3 Idiots”, “Semmeen”. More over many movies because of their impact on the society have become novels! Such one is the movie “Subramaniyapuram”, a tamil movie starring Sasi Kumar, Jai, Samuthirakani and a star cast.  Many novelists have provided movie rights for their novels. But Paulo Coelho refused to provide movie rights for his novels. Why? The matter of subject begins here…

           Paulo Coelho strongly believes that movies can never give the impact of reading a novel. He says he realized that it is not important to have a book as movie. The only book he sold the rights is “The Alchemist.” He refused to give rights for his other books. That is what that marks Paulo Coelho the highest of all novelists. Yes he is.

    Books are movies that take place in our mind. Each reader is a director who does all the whole casting and the scenarios in his/her mind. This differs with each reader. This was said by Paulo Coelho. If he had a thought of becoming a celebrity or if he was fond of the spot light, he would have been celebrated more by this world. 

            But what actually happens. We, in India have Chetan Bhagat, an aspiring writer, novelist. He has written many books- Two States, 3 mistakes of my life, One night at the call centre, Half Girl Friend. He has sold the movie rights of his books Two States, 3 Mistakes of My Life and yet to provide for his upcoming novels. To be noted here is, the movie rights for his book which he was writing now had been already sold!!!!!! Not only in India, “Novelists” are present all over the world. J.K Rowling sold out movie rights for his books, who is said to be a richest person than Queen Elizabeth. 

         The exceptional case is the movie, “Life of Pie”, which was celebrated by many movie directors, novelists and writers that this movie has been a milestone in this kind of novel-to-movies. Hats off to the director “Ang Lee.”

So, think, think and think.




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