It is India! #62

​Hi Guys this is Livingstone the nice boy from India. I named this post “Yes it happens only in India….”

It takes some two minutes to read this post. So make your mindset to that or read it when you have time.

         Yes it happens only in India.  State Bank of India has announced write off for all the loans of Vijay Mallaiya- Owner of King Fisher Airlines. It’s just 1,201 crores. To be noted, Mallaiya is not unable to pay the loan, he is refusing to pay it- why to “waste” money paying loans. Not only his loans, the bank has also announced write off for the loans of about 63 “millionaires”. They are also not willing to repay the loans. 

Take this as one side of India. Let’s see the other side.

          Before two months I read news in a daily that Police have arrested a poor farmer for not paying his loans (it’s not more than 10 lakhs) and also they took up his tractor and the video of how police treated badly the farmer gone viral in the social media. Yes this happens only in India. 

   Why it happens only in India? Yes, God has given us a special sense to think. So let’s think:

      The problem should be with either the banks or the rules enacted on behalf of banks by Reserve Bank of India- head of all banks in India or the problem should be with Indians.

         What MyChronicles 007 says is that it says the problem is with Indians. Of course it is. Let MyChronicles 007 justify its view:

                     Gautam Adani – Owner of Adani Groups is planning to buy a coal mine in Australia which was said to be one of the largest coal mines in the world. He requested Australia based banks for loans. All the banks investigated whether it is safe to provide loans for this coal mine? Will it run profitable? Will he be able to pay the loan in time? In what ways it affects the environment? How the wastes from the mine will be disposed? What are all the water bodies that will get affected? What is the level of Co2 emission from the factories? They also found mistakes in the document Adani groups submitted to them while applying for loans. 

            What Adani did? Yes he has a sense to think. It told him secretly into his ears: “Yo fool. You forgot you are an Indian. You are from India. India is there waiting for you. Let’s party!” So Adani requested loans for his new coal mine operation in SBI. What you think would have happened? Yes they accepted it. If they would have rejected, then they are not even Indians. Congratulations!! SBIans!!

So,MyChronicles 007 has justified its view. So signing off this is Lesley.




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