Career as a Reporter #60

​Hi guys and gals, this is Livingstone. 

             Alas! I am here now. I started “MyChronicles007” on August, 2016. Now it’s three months from now.  So far I have blogged 59 posts. As I mentioned it in my first post, my desire to become a journalist has now become half true. In my 60th post I am here.


My dear fellow followers!! I am now a student reporter in a Tamil monthly- “Jeyam Murasu.” I am really excited to share this excitement with you.  So, it’s been so different I feel like a social man. All those around me seem to be different. I don’t have words to express it. Everything seems social. I see many issues around me. But they are there for a long time like riding bikes in the no-entry or one-way, speaking mobile phones while driving, burning plastics in the canals, smoking in the road side tea shops. It’s been irritating as now I am a reporter. Something from the inside pushes me to write about these things.  So, you can expect social blogging from “MyChronicles007.”




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