Liebster Award #59

Once again a nomination. Once again an award. Thanks a lot Jessica Hugo Inspire.

I have been following her for a long time. She was an aspiring writer. I admire her a lot. Follow her. Have an inspiration.

She insisted me to answer the questions she asked: So the answers for your naked eyes:

What do you love most about blogging?
        About Love and my experiments with love. But I don’t get the matter to blog with always.

• If you had only a day left to livewhat would you do?
I would ask sorry to those whom I have been fighting with.  Actually I have to ask them now. So that my name lasts forever.

• What is your ideal job?
     I don’t know really. I am in a dilemma.

• Do you play any musicalinstrumentIf yeswhich?
No. Nothing. I do sing in the bathroom.

• What’s one thing you can’t dowithout?
 My wrist watch.!!

• What’s your favorite holiday?

Semester exam holidays!!

• Do you believe in GodIf yeswhy?

I don’t believe in God. I believe in Jesus as he created me.

• What are you passionate about
   Being alone. 

• Are you a TV person?
Once I have been. Now I am a Newspaper person. I read many newspapers a day.

• If you could rename yourself, whatname would you give?
Afzar Nazruddin Shah. I love my current Name too.

• What would you like to get forChristmas?
Actually it is India where Christmas is only a day-25th December. But, for you Christmas is all December. It is a festival for you. But not for us. So… I have not planned to buy anything special for this Christmas – it passes by as like the previous year.

Hope Jessica would be happy reading my answers.




9 thoughts on “Liebster Award #59

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    1. Thanks a lot miss Sudershana..a loving follower.. Recently I had a wrong call from someone I know very well. He spoke from a new Number so that I couldn’t find who’s speaking. The person scolded me in rubbish words. After that I found out who was that with the help of police. But the person who called me didn’t know till now that I know that it was him who made a wrong call to me. He speaks to me well even today. But I didn’t know why he did so. That’s what has reflected in my answer section. Anyways thanks a lot Sudershana..😄😃


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