The Inequality #56

​                 Good to see you all again, this is Livingstone again here in front of you.
It was a normal day. I didn’t go to college today as I had some works pending. I was working in my laptop and was seriously coding for my new mini project with all my concentration. I didn’t know how the house will be in the week days as I go for college in the early morning and return home late in the evening. 

       My Grandma was cleaning the rooms, watching television, reading newspapers and busy engaging in the kitchen works.
A voice came from the outside calling my grandma: “Ammaa….ammaaa…” 

(amma means mother in Tamil)..
     An 80 years old grandmother was standing there. My granny was rushing outside and gave her some Deepavali sweets and some money to her. My granny said that the 80 years old was begging for her grand children. She used to come to this street and ask for some food for the poor children…”
This is what that affects me heavily: “The poor and the Beggars.”
What is God’s plan for them? In bible, it is said that even the foolishness of God is higher than your intelligence.

Yes it is. God is the one who made the so called intelligent people in the Whole universe. If you can see through the holes of this world, you could see the inequality between the people- the rich and the poor. 
God has made us wealthy only to take care of the poor. That’s why there is a bible verse:

“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and he will reward him for what he has done.”

-Proverbs 19:17, the Holy Bible.
Let this post make you think about the above verse. Go ahead. Think of it. There are many beggars and poor around you. They don’t expect us to lend them all the money from our wallet. They just beg for some ten or twenty rupees. 

       I cannot force you to help them. But I force you to think about the money you waste in the shopping malls, playing fun games, tattooing…     

Think about.



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