Confusion Education #55

I was arguing with my mother.

She is working in a high school. She always uses to instruct me to be a model student, to be a role model.  The past week, in their school, they conducted the annual day celebration. But it has been reported the tenth standard students had not been allowed to dance in the annual day. I saw those students demolished by the management’s refusal for their dance performance. The open statement from the administration is as follows:

“This will have a great impact on your studies. If we allow you to dance in the annual day, your one week of schooling will be affected. This correspondingly affects our Results. Go focus on your studies…”

      My mom was describing this scenario to me. Of course she is working in that school. So no possibility she opposes the decision. She proposed it.

                This is not a one-man scenario. This is a representative of all the schools in Tamilnadu. But there can be some exceptional. I am talking about the majorities. This raises a question: “What is Education?” 

   Does education points to academics and academics alone? 

No for sure.

According to me, Education is enhancement and development of life survival skills. Yes of course it is.

If one is good at something, he/she must be taught the art of making money from the skills they have. If the skills they have are not enough, education must enhance their skills. This is what the primary duty of the schools should be. A few months before, Bihar tenth standard results were announced and state rank holders were questioned by the reporters. 

They answered: “Science is a study about cooking.”

         But it is also reported by a statistical study that, in India, Bihar has the best education system. So, it is clear that the problem is with the schools and the teachers and not the students. I doubt whether India will be a superpower by 2020. At last, APJ failed. He has met thousands and thousands of students. He failed to meet the teachers.




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