Roaming Romeos #54

Disclaimer: Kindly I apologise if anyone gets disturbed of the title!🤗

Yes, this is Livingstone again here.

I don’t have a large friends’ circle. I have a few but close friends. I use share everything with them as I feel free to do so. As one among them, Munis Eswar (author at Donmunis) is my best friend. We feel proud to say we are pani Puri lovers. Both of us go eat at all the nearby pani Puri stalls. We love it. Now our love has extended to phel Puri, mushroom…

You might think they are Unhealthy, not hygienic..But if you think so, then you can’t even happily eat the fruits you buy in “prestigious Mals”. Cause they aren’t organic. 

While typing the word “organic”, it just stuck in my mind: “There was a period where we don’t even know the words organic and inorganic. But now the Time has changed. !!! Applauses!!!

Uh.. started somewhere.. ended somewhere.. Anyhow, I just wanted to share this with you. That’s all.




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