My desire to Drive an Ambulance #53

Hello guys and gals. This is Livingstone again. It’s all about my desire to drive an ambulance. 

                       As I mentioned already in my previous posts that I got to go to my college by city bus as we don’t have college buses. I have been travelling in city buses for about one and a half years. I see many ambulances hurrying to the hospital, to catch the patient with the sirens tearing the city into two. Yes of course, as everyone, we also give up letting them go fast.  According to a survey, THENI district in Tamilnadu is said to be the first in paving the way for ambulances. I think that’s why they have good annual rainfall..!!

                         Whenever I see ambulances, somewhat I like to salute those ambulance drivers. Hats off to them! No other jobs can give such mental peace within us. Also I have a desire to drive an ambulance at least once in life time. 

Think about their mindset: “Hurry up!! Hurry up!! There’s a life struggling….Alas! We saved a life… yes we won..”

It will be more enchanting.

In Tamil, there’s a movie related to this post, “Orange Mittai (Orange Candy)”, which describes the life of two who are working in the ambulance services. The movie won a national award. Thus, I end this post. Thanks for stopping by.




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