Placement or Graduation?? #51

Yes now I am here, this is Livingstone from Tamilnadu, India.

I am doing my B.Tech.

So what? What matters here? Why it has to be italicised?

No. It does matters. Today I attended a guest lecture by my principal Mr.Abhai Kumar. Amidst  the lecture, He said, “It’s not about placement, it’s about graduation”.

For your information:

In Tamilnadu, there are more than 500 engineering colleges. Five Hundred!! So have a mental calculation how many engineers would pass out each year. A survey says:

Every year, more than 2,00,000 engineers pass out from Tamilnadu and only about 50,000 graduates are labeled as “Engineers”.. 

All these are because of the term “Placement”. They advertise their College as 100% placement (???). Why??

Are engineering colleges to provide good education or campus recruitment?? Here starts the confusion. All our thoughts are focused around a job- job security- lifetime warranty for life survival—It continues……..


If you belong to the above category, just stop by. Have a self analysis over yourself. Think whether you would recruit yourself when you are the HR of a reputed? So it’s not about placement, it’s about Graduation. If it is a graduation, placement follows it.

All the very best.




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