Home Sweet Home #49

Yes..This is Livingstone again. 

Yesterday was really a great day for me.

While I was getting ready to attend my old school Annual Day, I was in a hurry to go there and meet my school friends after a long time and also my crush there. It’s a separate story. Leave that. So it took a  little bit more time to get Ready. Meanwhile there came these new friends to my home. 

They are wandering around the house here and there. I was frightened whether they get caught in the wings of the fan. I then switched off them. After examining them, I came to know that they were kids. Cuteness overloaded !!!

A Life with the Nature:

They are living in our house’s portico for about three years. We made them a small house with a hole and made them hang high. About 14 birds got birth in that small house. Wow!!! We were blessed to see the birds how they feed their children with such a love. First one bird feeds the children. The other waits until it finishes and then it goes and feeds them.  Care overloaded !!!

So..I got an answer for my all time thought: “why I am still single??”

I think I have received much love and happiness from these little creatures and from my parents too. To be added I also have my Labrador(Mr. Lucky)!!! So that’s why my Heart didn’t longed for any external love from an opposite sex. 




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