So this is Livingstone here. It’s been two days I last posted my #47. Now this post is related to my previous blog post World Outside Windows.

       Today (October 20, 2016), I have been travelling to my home from my college. I got a bus and I saw an empty seat. So I went near it. There I saw a man keeping his bag in that seat. I adjusted my throat…”krrnmkkrrr“..

He gave no reaction.

So I directly called him: “sir will you please take the bag so that I could sit.”

He gave no reaction..

For your kind information, I say this. He will be around 30 years old. He was playing racing games in his android phone. How cruel the world is. Applauses.!!

I was irritated and I travelled standing all the way. That’s a big Story. Leave that.

Here’s the matter.

It is not the Matter that he refused to give me seat. It is the way how he reacted to me. To be corrected- he never reacted!!!!

Yes those people do Exist. Here in India, we do provide our seats to our elders and those adult citizens who are standing. Yes we do Exist.!!

My friend use to say this: ” If we want a change, we need to change..” I agree with that. The change has to be initiated by us..

Go think of it. All the very best.




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