She’s a Spark #47

​She’s a spark..
I just wanted to mention this moment  in my life survival path. Yes it is special.

I sent her request. She accepted. We became friends. But we don’t know each other. I messaged her. She replied me. And then we chatted for some two hours. We became good friends. …

“oh okay…”


The chat continued…

Does this seem usual to you. Well it may. But it is not the same case with me.

She seemed to me very different. She is. She said she’s from Chennai, India. We shared each other’s experience. Her name is SB. I am unable to mention her name (I have my sister following me😂😁😀).

Before this moment, how I was??
I had been in such a way that I won’t send requests to unknown girls (my friends do…). But I do accept requests from them.
At the moment

She never knew me. I don’t know her. But we shared something. 

She laughed through the emojis. I too.

She smiled through the smiley. I too.
After the moment
Lesley (my inner soul) told me: “She is not just a spark. She’s a great thing in your life. She’s your blessing..”

I concluded : “It is not love. It is friendship. It is not friendship. It is something a bond beyond that.”




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