Left means WRONG #46

​Why I wear watches in right hand?

I have been trying to write this post for a long time. I have a habit of wearing wrist watch in right hand. Yes I do.

So what?
There comes my problem. I have been wearing the watch in right hand since my childhood. Seeing this, my teachers scolded me. Then my parents noticed me wearing watch in the “wrong hand”. All of them warned me to change this habit. As usual their tries ended up in vain. They enlisted many reasons.

Some of them are for your eyes:

You are a gay.

You are head-weighted.

You are a dominant.

You are adamant.

They will reject you in interviews!

Yes many are true above. I denied everyone’s speech (what they speak about me at the back). I think I got this habit from my grandfathers. Both my dad’s father and my mom’s father had this habit. Inheritance!

So I refused to change my habit. What about the above reasons why they forced you to stop?

Yes they are somewhat true. I started growing head weighted. I order someone to do things for me. Not requesting.

My mind refused to lend my ears to what others say. If I go for arguments, I do tackle their speech and manage myself to prove that I am correct. So I came to know that these are because of the watch. I did nothing to overcome that.

After then I noticed many successful people having watches in their right hand. For example, M.G.R. (Former Tamilnadu CM who ruled Tamilnadu for more than twice), Vijay Milton (Director/Cinematographer), Kutty Revathy (Writer/Philosopher). 

So it gives us a special talent. It makes us think. T-H-I-N-K.

I think it makes us concentrate more on managing people, making us full focused on how others react to certain situation, as because I do. I started searching Google for people who wear watches in right hand and it showed pictures of many great people. 

Let’s hope I become successful.



7 thoughts on “Left means WRONG #46

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  1. A good read! I’ve never given a thought on which hand you wear your watch and what they mean but this is definitely insightful and interesting! ( i wear my watch on my left as my right is dominant ) All the best for your success! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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