Justify Rama’s View #45

Disclaimer: This is not meant to hurt anyone. And also it is not posted with an intention to insult anyone’s religious beliefs.

This is Livingstone again disturbing you all. My last post is Relationship in Student Hood. I made this post and I got many different replies. 

So, this is my new post.

A scenario from Ramayana:

Rama was seen filled with sorrow missing Seetha Devi. It felt like his half went apart from him. Sage Narada on seeing this wanted to change his mind. So he went near Rama, sat near his foot. And slowly asked Rama, “Rama. I want to know something. Once I asked you whether shall I marry. Asked this when I was young. You said no. Now may I know the reason? “. 

Rama replied:

” A young teen girl is someone who is a mine of wrong/bad deeds. That’s why I stopped you.”


I have many female followers. So please justify Rama’s View. Not only women, also boys can justify their opinions. 

Let me know it in the comments section. 




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