Relationship in Student Hood #43

​Whether my parents accept my love or not?
        So, before reading this post, I like to reset your mindset about me.

I am Livingstone from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Remember it is India. I am doing my B.Tech (I.T) and I am not financially independent. I am under my parents’ arms.  First, my parents are my first preference when it comes to love. I live for my parents. My parents now have a social recognition as good parents. I have to maintain that. That’s enough.

     If you are in this line, then you have a clear vision about my mental state. 
What if I love a girl during my student hood? What if the girl’s parents’ came to knew about their girl’s relationship status? What if it breaks down as great issue in our street?  Imagine or sketch down my parents’ mental state in such a state?

. Let us come out of the scenario. Will this Indian society accepts a relationship of two in their student hood? Will they let them continue their relationship in their student hood and let them take their love to next level (marriage)? 

So, here is the answer section.

    As in my case, my parents never accept love in student hood. There are chances for me to get acceptance from my parents for my love after I get employed somewhere. But they never accept my love for my beloved girl during my student hood. If my girl’s parents come to knew about our relationship, they never accept it. In Madurai, it will surely break into a great issue in my street and my parents (as above mentioned, the good parents, it means they had grew up their child a good child-here good child refers to a someone who marries the girl chosen by their parents) have got to lose their dignity among the society.

           So, I have sketched my exact state to my knowledge. I have a question for you all my followers. Is engaging in a love relationship during one’s student hood in India is acceptable or not? Please do share your opinion in the comments section.




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  3. Yes, love can happen during any stage in a person’s life. Since I live in India, I know that atleast in our area we’re okay with such relationships. There should be a balance between studies and a relationship. 🙂

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  4. Bro the word LoVE here u meant is not really true…As u said thy may accept even after you get a job…love after 21 is mature love…And one more thing,now a days street fight is frm boys side only because femenine gender have more diginity than us…so u can commit,but make sure that u ll maintain upto a “well settled status in society”…thn the girls parents will also accept….ALL THE BEST BRO

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    1. Thanks for your feedback bro. Yes I too agree with the concept that it is not love at all during the student hood and only attractions. While talking about our cousin who’s love relationship was known to their parents and it became a great problem in our family, Just my mother made a statement on me that ” mmm..I too have a son..avan yaara kootitu vara porano..” Like that…That’s why I made a post on this topic bro. Thanks for your feedback bro..Still I am confused why you said “all the best”

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  5. It’s hard but not impossible. There are people who manage everything studies along with relationship then whether it is India or any other place. And now your parents, according to me no relationship would be as longer and worthy as they have with you. So if you try to convince them may be they get your point.
    This is the advice from an inexperienced student but my brother had done civil engineering and yes, having a love in IT my parents don’t had any problem and they both are placed in very good companies. And soon going to take second step soon.
    Good luck

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