Why he is a Captain? #42

Once again a message from a movie.

This time, it’s “Captain America Civil War”.

If you had watched it closely, you might find it. Let’s stick to the movie.

  Avengers will have a meeting. There the Secretary speak to them ordering them to sign the agreement. He plays a video clip to them which screens the serial blasts all around the world. In the midst of the video, it shows a building blast made by the Avengers. Suddenly, Wanda Maximoff, (who considers herself the reason for the death of those innocent people), bends down her head. Captain Rogers on watching this tells the Secretary to stop the Video Clip. 

“Okay. That’s enough.”

That’s enough. He’s the Captain. 

A Captain must be updated with the  current mental and physical state of each and every person in his/her team. It is a special inbuilt captaincy inside every natural born-captains. I was amazed with that scene. If you had watched the movie, then rewind that scene in your mind. 

Yes I learn many things from the movies. Movies are everything to me. And I request you to watch “movies”. 




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