Movies- According to me #39

              Hi guys. This is Livingstone again. Feeling happy to blog during my holidays. I have a 6 “Holy days” to enjoy.

           Meanwhile planning how to spend these days, my friends called me to watch movies in the nearby theatre. I refused for the reason they aren’t movies. They are just visuals. They aren’t movies. I can remember the last movie I watched in theatre: “Uttama Villain”, 2015 theatrical, a “story” by Chevalier Padma Shri Kamal Hasan.   

Uttama Villain ( The Honest Villain):

            I could even imagine how the tears fell from my eyes while watching the movie. As a turning point of the film, there was a scene where Kamal’s daughter Manonmani reads the unsent letter written by her father to her mother. She cries of some undescribable feeling while reading the letter which would have changed the entire scenario if it reached her mother when she was alive. She cries of the feel the letter have her. Not only Manonmani, also the audience cried. Cause, the letter made us to cry. Imagine how powerful it should be to make us cry just with words.

This is the reason why I refuse to watch such commercial screenplays with full focus only to gain money. Waste of money as well as time. I don’t blame them not to focus on profits. It is a must for them. But focus on Screenplay to get profit.

Also there has been many movies in Hollywood with good screenplays like “Desierto”, “Gravity”. Movies according to me must have a great impact on my immediate life survival after watching them. There are many studies in Abroad related to movie watching (How to watch and write movies). 

That’s why I encourage Puneet to express Pain and Love in his words as only few can do so.

Try to watch “movies”..




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