Hitler: The Untold Story #38 

​Why I like Hitler:

          It is my dream to announce proudly that I am fanatic to Hitler. Yes, this world does not accept it. It is because of the mask that Hitler has towards the world: The Dictator, The Serial Killer, and The Cruel Minded.

          Everyone has their own unique face towards everyone. You will be good to someone. You will show your cruel face to some other one. Yes it is common for all the human Beings. So it is clear that Hitler also had such a good face towards someone, which is unknown to this world. Think about the thing that how it kills you when this world sketches you as a bad or wrong person, so that no one has a good thought about you. This is what the same case with Hitler- the Untold Story.

The Untold Story:

1. Jesse Owens was an Olympian who won 4 gold medals in 1936 Olympics. Adolf Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. But neither Franklin D Roosevelt or Harry S. Truman honored Owens.

2. Nazi party passed Animal Protection Acts stating: “No more animal cruelty is allowed in Germany.”

3. Hitler orchestrated the till now powerful Anti Smoking Movement.

4. All the profits from “Mein Kampf”, his artworks all goes to Charity.

5. In the containment camps, the so called Death camps (where Hitler killed Jews) by this world, had home theatres, swimming pools,  football pitches, post offices, kindergartens, art and music recreation and even prostitutes. 

6. The Containment camps had sufficient food. Remember It was war time.


         Thus I conclude Hitler was one of the good guys. Trust me. The above listed are not the only good aspects of Hitler. There are many ruling the Internet. Go search of it. There are many myths around the world. Don’t have faith in my thought? Just die today. Become a spirit. Become a silent listener. Listen to what they talk about you after your death. Leaving off right now. 




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