Lesson from My 29th Teeth #37

Yes it’s all about the growth of my 29th teeth. I am having some irritation for a long time in my mouth. I thought it’s because of the tooth decay. I planned to visit the dental. In the subsequent days, it started paining severely. Even I woke up from my bed because of the pain. Just Imagine how it had killed me. Let’s move to the scenario:

Afzar  : Mom, usshhhh….It’s killing me. Right here in this place (I showed her my mouth).

…..(She examined my mouth for a while)….

Mom  : You fool. It’s a good new. You are getting your 29th teeth growing.

Afzar : Is it so?

Then I have been in joy. I asked my friends how many they have now. I have been keeping my fingers in the chin helping me relax from the pain.


What does matters to me.??

It’s a growth. It is a growth with a pain. Not only this growth, all our growths and success do give you a lot of pain before it. You have to bear that pain. If not, we can never achieve that. If I don’t bear this pain, I can never get my teeth. If you don’t bear the pain before success, you can never rejoice in the success.

So guys and gals, once again this is Lesley.





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