Listening to sad songs #32

                   ​It’s all about listening to songs. Why to spend a whole blog post in this topic? Is it so important?

        Yes it is. I listen to music whenever I feel disturbed from my path. My path resembles my mental attitude towards something. If I get disturbed or distracted from something important, I listen to music. So, it’s all about listening to music.

               As because I and my friends are in the teen, we think all around love, relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends.

             I see my friends listening to songs about love. Some listen to sad songs about love failure. But to be noted, they are neither in a love relationship nor their relationship broke up. They are also as single as I am. It is said that all these things are because of the Hormones of this teen age. We love to listen to sad songs as we love to be sad in this age. We love to listen to romantic songs as we desire to engage in a love relationship with the attractive opposite sex. 

             Also it is to be noted that when we speak with a girl, the same part which gets activated while listening to music gets activated. That is we boys recognize music as the voice of the girl whom we love. Make a note here how far we love you Girls. 

        The next: Listening to sad songs. I see my friends listening to sad songs many times a day. They listen to the same track of sadness resembling songs. But they are quite normal. They are happy. They play cricket, they chat with us as normal. They listen to sad songs. It is all the desire to feel how it hurts when there is a break up from our relationship. Teenagers love to feel the pain what they get when they see their heroes crying with the pain of the death of his beloved. They like to undergo the situation like their heroes. Those who are single listen to romantic songs more. Those who are already in a relationship love to listen to songs of intimacy more.  Thus it’s all about listening to music. 




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