Community – The Culprit #31

       So it is Livingstone again. Now in this post I am going to conclude that the community or the Society around us is the culprit and the reason for the increase in sexual abuse in India. I am going to conclude it from my dream:

                     As I am single and I am in my studenthood, I always dream about having my own soulmate always around me. I imagine, I dream how it will be like when I have her around me always, she always enjoys my company, she chats with only me. Excited to have so.

But what happens if my dream comes true? Will the Society accept it? No for sure.

         What ruins their mind when they see me always around her or when they see her always around me? Do they think us good friends? Do they accept such kind of friendship between opposite gender?

                       Once again no for sure. They don’t. This clearly shows that my society is Unhealthy. This is where the problems are initiated. They hide their Unhealthy condition under the name of Culture.

What if my society is Healthy?

             Then we boys and girls feel free to interact anywhere in the public places, we get proper understanding between each other, we learn a healthy way to approach others, boys understand the truth that it hurts the girls too as how it hurts them. They ultimately get clear vision about Love and Friendship. Thus the problem is solved. 

              So, boys and girls of today, the ladies and gentlemen of tomorrow, let us create a healthy society for us as it is a waste of time blaming others for the present Unhealthy society.  Let’s work on it.




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