Memories_Recollection #30

             As the title says, it’s all about my recent experience in recollecting the memories. Actually it is not an experience, it is a happiness.

 You all now love to store your Memoires. We take photographs, videos, even we write in our diaries describing the moments. We show more interest  in snapping the funny cake facials of our friends in their b day parties. 

              Also it is interesting to know that while storing our memories, we in the corner of our brain, think about how we recollect all these memories – lying in the easy chair, with our grand sons listening to our memories. It will be of such a happiness which cannot be expressed  in words. It is an immense pleasure like as how we feel when we cry of happiness overflown. If you can imagine that feel, enjoy that, it is a blessing.

        Like this I had a time to recollect my childhood memories when we had a power shut down in my street. My mom started seeing our photo albums, spreading the photos in the floor. Had a good Time, chatting about the photos, their circumstances … Enjoyed a lot.  

     It made the remaining day a brisk one. We were in a excited state. After then I was seen focused on preparing for my internal assessments with full concentration. Thus the human engineers are correct- laugh/smile whenever possible, even if you don’t  have a reason.

Just a post to share my experience with you.




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