Self Analysis #29



Self Analysis:
yes, it it Livingstone again. Now I am up with a new post:
“Self Analysis”

First of all, What is the matter for me to talk about self analysis.??
Yes there is matter. Now I am doing my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I can be seen studying during my Internal Assessments, during any other assessments. What I do the others days? I will be seen worrying about the upcoming Internal Assessments. That is doing nothing, starring at what others are doing. So, now you could sketch my character now. But is this the same case with all others around me? Exactly not. I see my friends focusing on upcoming tech festivals in other colleges, they prepare for paper presentations, they engage themselves in various activities regarding academics. Others are the Sports persons, dancers, musicians, vocalists, singers.

I one day decided to undergo self analysis. I made this based on the factors of my Interests. I analyzed myself whether I was engaged in any of my interest related activities.

The analysis resulted zero. The expected result. Yes it is. I was unable to maintain a fine balance between Academics and my interests. So, the Immediate cause is:

I started listing what are all the activities that can boost up my brain, my interests. Then I set alarms, remainders. The Immediate Cause:

I joined Ramanujam Maths Club in my College, I have been elected as the Coordinator of Rotaract Club. I am now an athlete. All because of the self analysis. Now I am doing all things in my way, with a song in my lips humming always-“Do it my way…” from Two States. I am very very happy now guys. Want to be successful, start your Self Analysis.





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