Only treasures are hunted # 

​Only Treasure is hunted.!!

Yes, it is Livingstone again disturbing you all. Now I am up with a new post “Treasure Hunt in India”.
You may have played Treasure Hunt game in your schools or colleges or in your apartments. In that, you have to find the treasure that has been kept hidden by your opponents. This is the matter of today’s subject.

In this life, if everything is available to you, then your entire wish, your desire will be something like being happy, leading a peaceful life. 

If chocolates are made available to children, then they don’t engage themselves in activities like trying to eat chocolates without the knowledge of the parents. So it is clear that if something is made hidden to you, ultimately your mind gets stuck up with that, your mind forces you to do anything to achieve that. This is the exact scenario of all countries where sexual abuse is in an increasing stat. The main reason as mentioned by the honorable “Social Reformers of India” for such sexual abuse is the dress code of Girls/Women. In the Delhi Rape case, there has been a great debate arguing why she was still out in the city late in the night with a boy?

 Why to lend our golden ears to such “Holy” words?

 In India we give more restrictions to girls/women in their dress code under the holy term “Culture”. Yes of course our culture has to be protected. But it cannot be protected by this way of restricting the dress code of females. Instead it only increases the rate of sexual abuse. It is like announcing that we have a treasure and also announcing that none should try to access it. It greatly induces the child to eat the hidden chocolate in the kitchen. We can see this scenario with a small example. If a small wood piece is kept in a box and announced as a treasure and showcased in a public place, everyone tries to open it. If it is kept as it is, none disturbs it. Why? Because they know it is a wooden piece which they can see it everywhere around them.  This is the same case with the girls. We have made them a treasure. 

I am not about to finish this topic with a conclusion. I don’t know whether I am right or not in this case. Let me know your opinion about this in the comments section. Curious to know your variegated opinions.



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