Why we need to Succeed?

Why we need to succeed in this competition of succession in the life survival?

          Yes, now we are all now grownups. We entered into this teenage, now in its end. So, we need to learn something new. Yes, this post is all about that. Succession.!!

                            Imagine you are in a dance competition and you are on the way. Or imagine that you are in a run. Obviously you run or dance, compete with your competitor, in order to win him/her. In this, there are two things to be noted:

1. Putting lesser effort in the lower stages of competition.

2. Putting lesser effort in the final stages of competition.

Ans 1:Putting lesser effort in the lower stages of competition:

What if so? You lose at the initial stages of competition itself, you will pack up your courage to survive in the competition, go for any other work. Ultimately what it shows is you are no more a competitor to your opponent. Rather you lose in order to make your opponent win over yourself. That is you lift them up to succeed in it.  Great work ahead.!!

Ans 2: Putting lesser effort in the final stages of competition:

What if you put least effort in the final stages of the competition? There can be psychological reasons that you may have a thought that “it is enough-even if we lose now, we wil be happy with satisfaction alongside cash prizes or gift vouchers.”

If you have a thought like this, you need to reboot yourself. You may debate that your mindset is correct. Yes it is correct. Your mindset is correct. You may have a thought that even as a runner up, you get cash prizes, a brand new car or bike or be financially fulfilled in that competition. 


  What about those whom you succeeded in the initial stages of that competition. Read Ans 1. Have a blink that you took up their lives, changed their paths of approaching this life. You have made an impact on their lives. Suppose that you let your opponent win by putting lesser efforts in the initial stages of the competition. What if your opponent had the chance to go to the finals and compete with the opponent with full effort and what if we wins??

So, if you compete with your opponent in the final stage with lesser effort, let a mental video play infront of your eyes about those whom you defeated with much effort. So, always put your full effort in whatever you do. 

Take your time. Think about those who are all defeated by you earlier. Get a Girlfriend like Alia Bhatt.😍




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