Telepathy- The mental Telegram-@mindSpeaking

I was rushing to catch the train to Coimbatore as if I fail I had to go through the bus which costs more compared to railway transport. So I wash rushing. You can understand how I was hurrying.

I stopped my Scooty in the vehicle stand. And then I got a bus to the Railway station.

When I got into the bus, suddenly my mind said to me:

you will meet Auliya today in the bus stand“.

I was wondering I am not going to the bus stand now. I said to my mind:

“Are you mad. We are now going to railway station. It shows you are totally crazy about her. Fool!😊”

I arrived at the station on time. But the train had gone half away from Madurai. So I chose to go my a bus. But make a note there is no necessity to go to the bus stand. I have to go to the bus station. Half the way I was walking towards the bus station, my bag was torn. The zip was not working. So I had to go to the bus stand where I can stitch my bag. I went there, gave my bag to the shop keeper and while he was working with my bag, I just wandered around the place. I was jerked.

Auliya was there starring at me.

I spoke to her for two minutes and she said that just now she thought about me and I left the place after I got my bag repaired. And I got a bus to Coimbatore. Meanwhile in the travel I wrote in my secret diary:

” I believe in Telepathy….”

Yes my experiments with love continues.

This is to my lovely sister:” Blessy, there is none called Auliya. Let not to confuse it with my Islamic name Afzar. All for fun. Do not take it serious.”



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