Chatting with Yourself-#0

Hi everyone. Just thought to share something useful with you all.

I installed the “Telegram” app for my android phone. I had many new features which were absent in WhatsApp. It has PollBot options, you can have a survey, you can know the majorities and minorities, you can run a channel, you can have a unique username.

Stop stop. This is not an App review. All I wanted to share is the unique feature of Telegram- chat with yourself. You can chat with yourself 😎

Amazing! Or still reading this with an awkward mindset or still wondering what is here so interesting to chat with ourselves?..

Yes there is something interesting to chat with yourself. Have you ever chat with yourself? If not have one.

What is the use of it? I have red once that all successful people have their own “Think Tink” time. That they fix up a time, switch off their phone, end up all their commitments and they go to a silent place. They fix up a timer for some 45 minutes to 1 hour. In that time, they think about their current stage where they are and they think about their future, the steps they have to take to achieve their goal and how to improve their current Status. They analyse themselves. That is they chat with themselves. They text to their mind. It might be one of the reasons why they are successful.

Chat with yourself.




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