Hi everyone… Once again a post on My Experiments with Love💏💃;

I have been in a dilemma whether to engage in a relationship or continue being single. This has been in my mind for a long time since I entered my College life. I see my friends, my classmates and also the unknowns in the college being engaged in a relationship, spending time with each other, chatting in the food court, bunking the classes and wandering around the college campus, texting each other, calling others brother or sister, indirectly indicating they are in a relationship. I had not irritated by these things, because I too like these things spending time with the beloved one (no reason why I say them the beloved one). I am too in the teenage.

But there comes my dilemma in the form of a question: “What about your commitments?”


Yes I have my own commitments, responsibilities, settlements. They don’t allow me to engage in such teenage activities. Whenever I do attempt to chat or to speak with a girl familiar to me when I am free in my home or when a girl calls me for outing or calls me for a meet, the so far sleepy mind wakes up and forces me not to engage with them. I still struggle to find reasons for why mind behaves so rough in such situations. I am still struggling.

But I am sure that in my future, I will not be a failure. I will be so happy as because I am concentrated now in my academics, focusing only on my studies. And damn sure I will be recruited in my campus Interview. Then, I get married to someone I never know before. I will my life happily.


I will write in my diary:

I am now successful. I have achieved everything that I once listed as my dreams to pursue. But still my teenage has been blank…”

It is clear that my mind will never change as it has fixed up with achieving my dreams. Yes it is me towards my way to pursue my dreams.

But it is also clear that I will feel sad for missing my teenage fun..😑😑.. uhh..my teenage remains silent forever. Let my Lamborghini make the noise..😎




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