You are the world;


Hi everyone..

Everyone is important to themselves, we love ourselves, enjoy ourselves, care for ourselves. We use to say, ” I am the world to myself”. This is the matter of subject.


If we are good to somebody, they will be good to us, they show their good face to us.If we go slow, ride carefully, safely, we can avoid accidents (ok, if it is god’s will, it surely will happen). The conclusion is we are the world, we decide the world. If we keep our rooms clean, if we pay our room/house rent on time, the house owner will be friendly to us. But note that it is not that he is friendly, we made him friendly. If you fail to pay rent on time, he surely will show his black face to you.

If someone is true or friendly to you, know that half the reason is you..

In the case of becoming ill or sick, we believe in the words of the doctors. And you may have experienced some doctors saying :” you are alright now” even though they know the patient is about to die..

They know the life of a patient remains with him. God created us. You and God alone has the right to decide whether to end up your life or to continue.


With history:

Dr. Mesmer, a German physician used to cure people by taking them to a hypnotic state               and saying to them they are cured. And also it resulted positive for many.

With Science:

There is an effect called Placebo effect which is defined as a beneficial effect due to the patient’s belief in certain treatments resulting ultimately in the curing of the disturbing vibration (diseases).


From these things, it is clear that we are the only to decide the world in which we live.

You are the world. Ultimately this is your world.

All the very best.




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  1. I don’t think if we are good to someone, they will also be good to us. People having negative thoughts and those who hate you just for no particular reason can never be good to you.☺


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