It is a Race, that’s why we are still running…


Answering what is Life:

Each and every second in our life is determined.

Yes, we are still alive, happy, surviving the hardship, some struggle for survival, some stay cool always; there are different kinds of people.

Above these things, do we know that each and every second in our life is determined???

If so, then why this hurry burry? why this much of tragedy, why this hardship?

Yes for sure, God created us, the living beings, also the non living beings. It is no more doubtful every second in life is already determined  by God (so no issues on fortunate and unfortunates).

Shall freeze now…..


As I am a Christian, recollecting the creation from the Holy Bible:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…also Adam and Eve.

       Then,  he ordered  them not to eat the fruits of a particular tree. Then,..

       Eve and Adam ate those restricted fruits. God moved them out of Eden Gardens.


Resuming the windows…

Did God already know Adam and Eve attemp that sin?

Yes for sure again. To be notified, God created us, not empty, but with  a lively object “Heart”. Thus, God created our heart. It is impossible to hide our activities from God. But he remains silent. He won’t be disturbing us in making our choices (then there would be no use of creating that privacy object- heart). He let us make our own choices, can do good, can do bad, can go wrong. But know that the teacher is always silent during the test.

****[God moved Adam and Eve out of Eden Gardens. But his relationship continued with the sons of Adam-still continues with you and me]****

Life is a race with no specific track for us. As it is a race, there is a judge. Analysing our participation, he fixes our Finishing line.

All the very best. Keep running.




3 thoughts on “It is a Race, that’s why we are still running…

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  1. Everything that happens is pre determined. It’s just us who don’t know what is in our future and somehow it’s good that we don’t know. We do our daily work however small or large it may be. Yes, we are running.

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