Qn.1 Each and every being in this world like to be unique in their way. With no confusion we are. But there arises a question why we all enroll ourselves in the project of demonstrating us a unique one?
       Qn.2 Each and every being in this world is good and they always ought to be good (ok there are exceptions; I talk about the majority). But there arises a question whether which is of high priority? Being good or being accepted as a good by others?
Coming to the first question, we are unique in our own way as how God created us. He created not only the humans, also the planets and the rest of the universe in its highest possible unique way. But except humans, those living things don’t indulge their life by spending time showing themselves the unique.

Focus to the latter, no one never want themselves be accepted as bad by others, not be portrayed as against the good. For that, we do whatever that poster us good. We do things which are long established as behavioral activities of the good ones (think about your activities hiding your privacy activities only for the reason others value it wrong). But question yourself why to be accepted good by others? Is it not enough being good?
[As stated already in my previous posts, questions deserve their answers as answers always hide inside the questions (will discuss this later)].

In both the cases, it is clear we shape our life on the basis of the opinion of others-exactly those around us. We highly value others’ opinion over us. This would be the reply of our brain if we ask the above questions to it: “You set your attitude valuing others opinion high. I just made you stuck with that”. I am sure it will laugh after saying this.

If we go deep in this discussion, we may spot the ultimate thief: Popularity.

It is not our fault think popular, desire to be popular. It is not a wrong desire to be popular, be fan following. But it is wrong to be popular as in the same way how the celebrities are, the way they are celebrated. They achieved something which made them unique which made them a celebrity, which made you to celebrate him/her.

So, be a kind of whom you are, not what others want you to be.



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